Are you sick? In pain? Just having a bad week? Are you currently under the care of a medical doctor and looking for complimentary care to add to your healing team? Maybe you are just looking for some spiritual support to help guide you through a transition in your life. Whatever it may be, we can help.

Welcome! We are Michael and Tricia Hurley, co-founders of Cup of Life Healing Center.  We are a husband/wife team of 20 years and compassionate, intuitive healers who share a deep desire to help people through their life’s troubles. We strive to help bring you back into harmony with your true self.

We are dedicated to helping you find your own inner truth, peace, healing and harmony through the offering of Reiki Healing Sessions, Reiki Training, Yoga and sharing of spiritual inspirations.

Our mission is to inspire and empower others to break cycles and habits that no longer serve them and make positive changes in their lives. In all that we do, we hold compassionate space for each individuals’ highest healing.

We lead the way by living our own lives authentically, applying yogic and spiritual principles to our daily lives, and offering everything in service to the highest and greatest good of all beings.

Here are some things people are saying about us.

Wow-o-wow, what a peaceful feeling! It was so wonderful to experience Tricia’s gifted healing work in such a warm, inviting venue (entry, room, Reiki) and her calm reassuring presence, I have scheduled a series to be able to receive more of this wonderful woman’s gifts regularly. –M.Z.

AMAZING! I am new to Reiki and was not sure to what to expect. It was an awesome experience. I felt clearer and more present. Tricia is simply wonderful! Thank you, Thank you! –E.S.

Satya’s an intuitive healer of great capacity and divine gentleness. Her awareness and skills are very special. It’s a blessing to work with her!! –M.S.

Loved It! I could feel her healing hands even when not touching me physically….just spiritually. I felt her kindness and warmth in her demeanor. I look forward to returning. –M.P.

Tricia is the real deal! I had surprisingly bad back pain two weeks ago – it was actually scary to me as I normally do not ever have back pain. Tricia worked on me once and it left and has thankfully not revisited itself upon me! –M.L.

Tricia is a very gifted healer and I enjoyed both the treatment and the ambiance of the room it was held in. I would recommend her to anyone seeking a Reiki practitioner and will schedule another session with her when I feel the need. I felt very calm and peaceful afterwards. –P.S.

Great with children! Tricia worked on my nine year old son and the session was wonderful. Tricia’s nurturing energy was a pleasure to be around and her spirit was accessible for both of us. We will visit her again. –A.H.

We appreciate that you are taking the time to view our site and we hope that you will find what we have to offer to be useful to you. Please continue and find out more. We are available to answer any questions that you have.

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